Adapters for using a 50" CURVED LED Light Bar(sold Separately)

  • Fits ONLY 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ's using a 50" curved light bar and Loose Wire Auto Attire Bracket Mounts 

Using these adapters allows us to keep the same brackets used for 52" curved led bar, making it possible to attach a 50" curved bar..


Specially designed and fabricated for our Jeep WJ Bracket Mounts allowing the use of 50" CURVED Light Bars! Matching the custom style of our brackets, these adapters keep the strength and great looks of our popular bracket mounts, giving the option of using a 50" curved LED Light bar!


Adapters are Polished Aluminum and INCLUDES size M8 Stainless Steel Bolts needed to attach the Light Bar to the Bracket Mounts. (older/uncommon lights may use M6 sized bolts-customer will be responsible for providing this or any other odd or uncommon sized bolts)

A 50" Straight Light Bar Can be possibly used on Wj's also,  by mounting Loose Wire bracket mounts farther back on the JEEP- HOWEVER, We do not approve the use of any Straight bars on Grand Cherokees or altering the IDEAL  mounting position, for which the Brackets are designed for!

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